3 Tips to Make Flossing Easier for Kids

Pediatric dentist examining a young boy's teeth

Any parent that has had to secure restorative dentistry for their kids truly understands that prevention is better than the cure. In this short post, we share three tips for making flossing easier for children in the hopes it will encourage good dental hygiene practices that will prevent any new or repeat visits for restorative treatment.

1. Start Flossing at as Early an Age as Possible

Everyone should have flossing as part of their everyday dental routine, and that goes for children just as much as it does adults. The [url=https://972sparkle.com/good-dental-health-starts-early/]earlier you can introduce this practice to your children, the better[/url]. Indeed, most dental experts recommend you [url=https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/healthy.html]start flossing as soon as your child has two teeth that touch[/url]. By establishing this habit early, you get your child accustomed to flossing such that it becomes easy for them to continue the habit in later years.

2. Set an Example as a Family

We all know that kids look up to their elders as they form their habits and behaviors, so your role as a parent is critical here. Make a point of flossing your teeth every night before brushing and, in doing so, you will help their own flossing habits form naturally. Doing this as a family helps make an otherwise quite boring chore fun!

3. Introduce a Rewards System for the Early Days

Sometimes, we all need a little reminder that our healthy habits are actually good for us, so introducing a rewards system for kids can work wonders with flossing. And rewards don’t have to be candy! Try putting a star chart on the bathroom wall and give your kids a star every time they complete their flossing routine properly. When their chart is full, arrange a special day out, go see a sports game, or take them on a fun play date.

Where to Get More Help With Flossing for Kids

If you need advice and support to establish a positive flossing habit in your child’s life, contact us at The Smiley Tooth. As pediatric dentists, we have years of experience helping parents to instill great dental hygiene habits in their kids, and we’ve dealt with every objection under the sun, so we know what an uphill battle it can be!

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