Good Dental Health Starts Early

pediatric dentist Rockwall Young children have specialized healthcare needs and dentistry is no different. A pediatric dentist specializes in oral health for children. These dental professionals focus on prevention and treatment of oral healthcare issues in young children. They work closely with pediatricians and other dental professionals to provide care for their young patients. General dentists and pediatricians may also refer children for this type of specialized dental care.

When Children Should Start Dental Care

The answer to this question is basically as soon as they are born. It is typically recommended that children see a dental professional either by the first year of age or when their first tooth comes in. However, there are things that parents can do to help get children off to the right start with good oral healthcare habits.

For instance, parents can gently clean the child’s gums with a wet piece of soft cloth after each feeding and never let a baby fall asleep with a bottle containing anything other than water in their mouth as this can promote tooth decay. As children get older, it is important that they follow a healthy, tooth-friendly nutrition plan. Steer them clear of sugary sodas and sticky candy as much as possible.

Good Dental Habits

Studies show that oral health closely correlates with general health. People and children with oral healthcare issues have a greater chance of developing other healthcare complications. Starting children off with good oral hygiene habits helps keep their whole body healthy. When a child develops a trusting relationship with a dentist, it also helps prevent the dental anxiety some experience as they grow older.

If you are a parent to be, or you already have a young child and you need a pediatric dentist, make an appointment with our team at The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dental Specialists today. Our caring and compassionate staff is trained in helping children develop the proper oral hygiene that will keep them healthy as they grow.