Restorative Dentistry: The Benefits Of Dental Fillings

dental fillings RockwallTooth decay is the most common childhood illness, so it’s no surprise that many patients will need to see a pediatric dentist for dental fillings. When your child’s tooth has been damaged, it’s important to consider restorations, like dental fillings, in order to make the tooth whole again.

When a child’s teeth have been affected by decay, the consequences of avoiding treatment can last throughout the lifespan and have wide-ranging negative effects on the child’s life. Fortunately, dental fillings offer a reliable way to avoid those effects in a single appointment.

Dental Fillings: The Basics

Dental fillings use artificial materials to repair damaged tooth enamel that must be removed due to the development of a cavity. Dental fillings often can be created using tooth-colored composite materials that do not detract from the appearance of your child’s smile.

A dental filling can be placed in a single appointment lasting just an hour or two to minimize disruption to your child’s schedule. The process begins with the pediatric dentist removing all of the decayed tooth material in order to create room for the filling.

We recognize that children may have some anxiety around the dental filling treatment process – and so may their parents! Therefore, we use a gentle touch and age-appropriate language in describing every step of the process to put your child at ease.

Consequences of Not Restoring Damaged Teeth

Some parents may believe that it’s not as important for children to get dental fillings, especially in baby teeth. However, that’s not always true. Although baby teeth are designed to come out eventually, if they must be removed prematurely, the following issues can arise.

  • Premature loss of primary or permanent teeth
  • Teeth shift to or erupt in incorrect positions
  • Damage to surrounding teeth

By minimizing the risk of these consequences, dental fillings benefit a child significantly. Such restorations can help a child keep a baby tooth in place until the permanent one is ready to erupt into that position naturally.

Of course, a child’s permanent teeth will also benefit from dental fillings when needed, as restoring those teeth will allow the child to keep them into adulthood as intended.

To learn more about the treatment process of getting dental fillings and how they may benefit your child, reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff members at The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dental Specialists who can answer any question you may have.