Steps to Prevent Common Dental Emergencies

emergency dentistry RockwallWhile 100% of dental emergencies may not be preventable, there are steps you can take to minimize their impact. For instance, knowing a little bit about emergency dentistry is helpful; but in the very least, knowing how to reach your family or pediatric dentist in the face of a dental problem is important to the outcome.

Steps for Preventing Dental Emergencies

With young children, there are always going to be bumps and falls. You can eliminate things like rugs that can trip; you can pad sharp corners; and try to remove everything that can injure. But inevitably, you may miss something.

That is why it is so important to be prepared. Have the contact information for your dentist displayed prominently for caregivers; make sure grandparents and babysitters have the appropriate documentation that allows them to provide treatment if necessary. Carry that contact information with you at all times.

Arm your family members with the appropriate protection for whatever activity they engage in … make sure helmets, knee pads, and all needed gear is available. Go one step further and provide a mouthguard. And this isn’t just for contact sports and activities. A mouthguard can prevent tooth loss and possible injury to the jaw from a fall off a bike, skateboard, or scooter.

A Little Knowledge is Important

If something should occur, a little knowledge may prevent an injury from escalating into a major problem.

A dislodged tooth can be cleaned and replaced in the socket. Or place the lost tooth in a glass of milk or Save-A-Tooth preserving system and get to the dentist … if seen quickly, you may be able to save that tooth.

An oral cut may bleed profusely; clean gauze should be applied to control bleeding.

Some problems or injuries are beyond a little first aid. Being able to recognize the need for professional intervention can be very important to the outcome.

For instance, a chipped tooth without pain is not an emergency, but a visit to the pediatric dentist is recommended for eventual care.

However, swelling of the face or jaw; discomfort; a fever; or a combination of these is a signal that immediate care is needed.

A little preparation and knowledge coupled with guidance from our team at The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dental Specialists will help safeguard you and your family when it comes to dental emergencies.