Tips for Relieving Dental Anxiety

sedation dentistry RockwallChildren can experience anxiety about visiting the dentist for many reasons. Some children are uncomfortable with unfamiliar people and others may be fearful of the unknown. No matter the cause, there are many ways to reduce or alleviate dental anxiety in children. In addition to valuable tips and tricks, sedation dentistry can help little patients breeze through their dental visit comfortably.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry offers pediatric patients the opportunity to complete their dental visit pleasantly and relaxed. Pediatric sedation options include nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation and intravenous conscious sedation. These safe and effective sedation modalities all allow children to accept treatment from the dentist in a calm and composed manner that will help them build confidence for future visits.

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is commonly used to relax children at the dentist. It is easily administered through a small mask and the effects wear off quickly when the mask is removed. Oral conscious sedation refers to a tablet prescription which children take before the visit. The medication will calm the child, but they are awake and able to take direction from the dentist. It takes a little longer to wear off, but it does a great job of putting children in a relaxed state.

Conscious IV sedation is another method that is administered in the office. The dentist can also control and adjust the amount of medication administered during the procedure. Conscious IV sedation is usualy reserved for more advanced pediatric procedures.

Tips and Tricks to Ease Pediatric Dental Anxiety

There are many other ways to help your child build a rapport with the pediatric dentist. The best idea is to have them start seeing the dentist regularly at a young age. Another effective method is to play dentist at home which helps familiarize youngsters with the idea of seeing the dentist. Utilize coping skills and simple relaxation methods to help them win small victories and always use positive reinforcement.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, call The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dental Specialists today. Our experienced staff is always gentle and compassionate ensuring that children are comfortable and confident during their visit.