Tooth Restorations for Children: How Dental Crowns Can Help

dental crowns for children RockwallHas your child been suffering with toothaches? Perhaps he or she developed a chipped tooth. Children, like adults, need restorations when their teeth develop permanent damage. Our pediatric dentist provides dental crowns for children to combat the effects of severe tooth decay and worn/broken teeth.

What You Need to Know about Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are incredible restorations that allow a person to retain their natural tooth while also restoring a diseased or damaged tooth to its rightful shape and size. Crowns are beneficial for maintaining a healthy bite and ideal oral function.

A crown is a cap-like restoration that fits over a tooth’s biting surfaces and extends down all its sides to the gum line. Since this restoration is more extensive than a filling, it must be custom made so that it accommodates a person’s unique oral anatomy.

Preparing custom dental crowns for children involves reducing the damaged tooth’s structure and taking molds of the treatment area and adjacent oral structures. These molds will be used to determine the precise specifications needed to ensure that a crown fits over a tooth and between neighboring teeth. Improperly sized crowns could affect oral function and produce an improper bite (occlusion). This is why the process to make a crown requires accurate customization.

Comfortable and Effective Restorative Dentistry for Children

Restorations are necessary when teeth are damaged permanently. Since teeth cannot regenerate new tissue to repair themselves after incurring damage, bacteria and debris will ultimately lead to a tooth developing internal infections. Without timely treatment, this situation could lead to patients needing root canal therapy or extractions to preserve oral function and wellness.

When placing restorations, our pediatric dentist utilizes gentle treatment techniques to ensure our patients’ comfort. We use non-narcotic local anesthetics and nitrous oxide to help our guests feel comfortable and relaxed throughout treatment.

Placing crowns is not an uncomfortable process when anesthetics and minimally invasive techniques are used. Moreover, receiving restorations allows people to retain natural tooth structure without fear of painful infections or tooth loss.

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