Try These 4 Tricks to Calm Kids Before the Dentist

It’s important to take children to the dentist from a young age. Early visits help establish good dental hygiene, provide preventative care, and identify and treat any problems with the teeth and gums. 

However, going to the dentist can sometimes feel scary for kids. 

If your child experiences dental anxiety before dentist appointments, there are some techniques you can use to help. Here are 4 tricks to calm kids before they visit the dentist.

1. Talk about What to Expect to Relieve Dental Anxiety

Have a clear discussion with your child about what they can expect when they go to the dentist. Talk to them about waiting in the reception area, having their teeth cleaned and polished, and some of the tools the dentist or hygienist might use. 

The more they know, the more confident and calm they’ll feel during their appointment.

2. Read a Book About the Dentist with Them

For young children, reading books about a child visiting the dentist can help prevent dental anxiety. Additionally, stories can help young kids learn about tools and terms the dentist might use. 

When a dentist visit becomes part of an engaging story, they’ll learn what to expect and can even look forward to meeting their dental care team.

3. Schedule Their Appointment for a Calm Time

Changes in routine can be difficult for some children. When you call to make an appointment, schedule your child’s dental visit at the right time to reduce stress.

For very young children, the best time is usually in the morning, when they won’t miss nap time or quiet time. For older children, consider a time of day when they won’t feel rushed or upset about missing school or time with friends.

4. Teach Them Strategies for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

There are several strategies you can teach your child to help with feelings of anxiety. Listening to music, deep breathing, and mindfulness can all help a child who is feeling scared or stressed about a visit to the dentist.

You could also let a child bring a soothing object, such as a stuffed animal or favorite toy, to the dentist’s office so they feel more comfortable.

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