What to do if a child has tooth decay?

Rockwall pediatric dentistTooth decay in children is very common, but that does not stop parents from being concerned when it occurs. If your child is showing signs of tooth decay, be sure to see your pediatric dentist. There are also things you can do to help prevent cavities in the future.

How Is Tooth Decay Treated in Children?

If your dentist finds a cavity in the course of a regular dental checkup, he will probably recommend a restoration. Depending upon the amount of damage the cavity has already done, the tooth can be treated with a filling or a dental crown. In many cases, minor cavities can be easily treated with a small filling. You can choose whether you would prefer a dental amalgam or a tooth-colored resin for your child’s filling.

For more severe cavities, your pediatric dentist might recommend a crown. Dental crowns for children are not quite the same as dental crowns for adults. They are not custom made, and are typically made of stainless steel for molars or a tooth-colored composite for front teeth.

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

You can help prevent tooth decay in your child’s teeth by encouraging good dental hygiene. Teach your child to brush his teeth after every meal. If your child is old enough, he can also learn to floss his teeth. Flossing can be made easier by using floss holders, many of which are made in bright colors and larger sizes that are easier for small hands to maneuver.

In addition, encourage a child to eat healthy foods and to avoid sugary soda and snacks. Snacks that are high in acid should also be avoided. Many children are fond of very sour candies; these are often high in acid and, if consumed in large quantities, can erode the tooth enamel. With daily dental hygiene and careful food choices, your child can be part of the process of preventing tooth decay in his future.

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