Why Dental Fillings are Necessary

dental fillings RockwallDental fillings are required when the protective covering of a tooth has been breached leading to decay. This can result in an excruciating toothache. Left untreated, decay can permeate the tooth’s roots resulting in infection, and the need for additional treatment like a root canal to save the tooth.

Tooth Decay Can Occur At Any Age

All teeth are subject to dental decay. It is important to follow the recommendations provided by your child’s pediatric dentist as even baby teeth can be impacted by dental decay.

Of course, you want nothing more than to prevent cavities in your child’s mouth. But if tooth decay occurs, it is necessary to repair it.

Decay will worsen if not caught and treated. Treatment involves removing the decayed portion of the tooth. The type of filling material being used will dictate how much of the tooth’s structure must be removed before filling the tooth.

A filling material is used on the remaining portion of the tooth; it is artfully applied so that it naturally blends with surrounding teeth. This is done with a tooth colored composite resin in most cases. If caught early, a dental filling can be a minor repair demonstrating the importance of regular dental visits.

Importance of Prevention

Tooth decay is not a given … it can be avoided. Ancestry can play a minor role, but with a lot of vigilance from the patient and caregivers, it is often preventable.

Things to consider … an infant or toddler should never be given anything but water in a bottle or cup when put to bed. Milk and juice are loaded with sugar and can lead to dental decay.

Children should have their first visit with the pediatric dentist around twelve months. This exam will provide an overall look at the child’s oral health and is a fantastic learning event for parents.

A healthy diet coupled with a proper daily oral regime of brushing and flossing are very important. Regular visits with our team at The Smiley Tooth Pediatric Dental Specialists for teeth cleaning and an exam hopefully will lead to minimal need for dental fillings.