Will my child’s dental crown be noticeable?

dental crowns for children Rockwall Our pediatric dentist provides restorative dentistry, including dental crowns for children. Crowns are versatile restorations that protect weakened teeth from developing decay and further damage. Many people, including parents, have concerns about the appearance of restorations. Fortunately, there are numerous materials that can be used to construct restorations, some of which appear very natural and lifelike.

Types of Dental Crowns for Children

Patients have options when it comes to the materials used for their dental restorations. Crowns can be constructed from metals like gold, silver, and zirconia. Metals produce durable restorations and tend to be more affordable than other materials but they are noticeable.

For those desiring a lifelike restoration, porcelain is ideal. Available in a number of tooth-colored shades, porcelain produces beautiful restorations that are undetectable to others. Tooth-colored crowns can be made from all porcelain or porcelain fused to metal for a natural looking result.

Reasons Dental Crowns are Recommended for Children

Crowns are extensive restorations that cover all visible tooth structure above the gum line. A pediatric dentist might recommend a crown to treat tooth decay, worn dentition, and injured teeth. Tooth decay is an oral health concern for children and one of the most common reasons a child might need a restoration.

Teeth cannot heal themselves. Once cavities form, they must be treated with a restoration to prevent the cavity from deepening. Advanced cavities can cause the internal structures of teeth to become infected, which might require invasive care like root canal therapy or tooth extractions. Similarly, chipped and cracked teeth can develop internal infections that require professional treatment as well.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

A dental crown allows a patient to keep his or her tooth even if it is diseased or injured. It restores a tooth to its rightful shape and size, too, which promotes comfortable oral function. When natural-looking materials are chosen, a crown can conceal imperfections like permanent stains and chips.

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